Microsoft Virtual PC 2007


Virtualize the operating systems developed by Microsoft




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Microsoft Virtual PC is a free virtualization tool of Microsoft that allows you to simultaneously execute various operating systems on the same computer.

The systems supported by Microsoft Virtual PC are the ones from Microsoft itself: from Windows 98 to Windows Vista and OS/2.

Microsoft Virtual PC allows to drag and drop files between the different emulated operating systems; integrated mouse, both in the original operating system and the virtual one; time synchronization between both machines.

The minimal requirements to execute the application are:
- Pentium Processor or compatible with 400 MHz.
- Between 64 and 512 RAM*.
- Between 500 MB and 15 GB free hard disk space*.

*This number varies in function of the emulated operating system.

Compatible with Windows Server 2008, Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Windows Vista Service Pack 1.

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